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spic website: sep changxing gas-fired power generation wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes at zhejiang electricity industry qc results release conference

on may 10, 2019, changxing gas-fired power generation stood out with its three qc results from all the 87 projects at zhejiang electricity industry outstanding qc results release conference in 2018, and was honored prizes, among which the qc result titled "lowering deficiency rate of no.1 gas turbine smoke meter" by the fighting qc team of instrument control specialty of o&m department was honored the first prize; the qc result titled "lowering fault rate of draining pump for periodic blowdown of gas turbine" by qc team of electrical specialty was honored the second prize; the qc result titled "lowering cleaning frequency of cooling water pump strainer of circulating water pump electric machine" by qc team of no. 1 operation shift team was honored the third prize.


in recent years, changxing gas-fired power generation has paid special attention to the implementation of qc activities, organized qc training for related personnel of various specialties several times, and invited qc experts to conduct special-topic instructions. under the strong support of the power plant, the shift teams of various specialties carried out qc activities in combination with actual production, and continued to use qc tools to find and solve problems. as a result, the power plant produced many achievements which won prizes at the provincial-level competition, solved the actual problems in the production process effectively, improved the enterprise's economic efficiency, and made contribution to its objective of entrepreneurship, innovation and creating excellence.

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