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spic website: sep kanshan power plant ultra-low emission rehabilitation project gains environmental protection subsidy

recently, the last sum of environmental protection subsidy, which amounted to rmb 6 million, reached the account of kanshan power plant. so far, the power plant has obtained the total amount of rmb 18 million in environmental protection subsidies for the ultra-low emission rehabilitation project on the two units, marking the harvest of "golden fruit" the for environmental protection policy.


according to past practices, the central government and provincial governments allocated funds for air pollution prevention and control and environmental protection to the environmental protection projects of the enterprises directly. since 2017, the funds allocation have been delegated to the provincial governments and then allocated by urban areas in batches. kanshan power plant kept close watch on the policy changes, with concerted efforts, careful organization and clear division of functions of related departments. first, the power plant paid close attention to the policy changes, actively studied the policies and guidance documents issued by the national and local governments, grasped the key points of preferential policies available, formulated detailed implementation plans and refined work goals and tasks; second, sorted out the related information comprehensively, established dynamic files, collected all the information from the preliminary feasibility study, approval and completion acceptance opinion of the environmental protection rehabilitation project, with relevant personnel working overtime to prepare application materials according to the related requirements; third, communicated and coordinated with the city and district environmental protection and financial departments actively, obtained the approval opinions signed by the above departments eventually, and submitted all the application materials within the prescribed time; fourth, assigned personnel for the follow-up tracking work after the submission of the materials, in order to ensure the proper implementation of all the application work.


in the process of environmental protection funds allocation adjustment by xuzhou city government, hse department and finance department of the power plant worked diligently to tackle difficulties such as the withdrawal of partial environmental protection funds after allocation and re-allocation of environmental protection funds by the district government, and have negotiated and coordinated several times with the related city and district departments and submitted materials to them. so far, the ultra-low emission rehabilitation project on the two units has received the environmental protection subsidies totaling rmb 18 million in full.

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