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spic website: sep malta d3 power plant passes iso certification again

recently, sep d3 power plant in malta passed the certification of iso 9001 and the annual re-examination of iso 14001 successfully following a week-long intensive review.


having obtained the iso 14001 certificate in april 2018, d3 power plant started the preparation work of iso 9001 and iso 45001 certification without a stop, sorted out the quality management systems and procedure documents comprehensively, compiled ten new systems and revised two, and provided strong institutional guarantee for promoting the certification work. the power plant also carried out an all-around implementation of standards and training for the staff and o&m contractors, in order to improve the awareness of the employees and related parties. eventually, the power plant was lauded as "having constructed and established a highly effective quality management and environmental protection management system" in the final assessment.


the standard implementation of iso 14001 and iso 9001 demonstrated that d3 power plant focused on iso system certification, continued to improve lean operation capability, combined international operation model and advanced management concept in china organically, further stimulated the team cooperation spirit, and ensured the realization of various annual production and operation indicators, which is also the epitome of sep "going global" with high quality.


at present, d3 power plant is vigorously preparing for the certification of iso 45001, and strives to complete the standard implementation of the entire iso system within the year. fully committed to providing safe, clean and efficient energy supply, d3 power plant affiliated to sepm will continue to improve the implementation of spic's "first-class strategy in 2035" in malta, construct a power plant with international characteristics, and endeavor to become a pioneer and pacesetter of spic and sep in international operation.

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