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spic website: sep caojing power plant escorts npc, cppcc sessions

during the annual npc and cppcc sessions, sep caojing power plant, as an important power and heat source in shanghai, adhered to the principle of "confirm responsibility, focus on implementation, and ensure practical effect", established high standards and strict requirements, and went all out to ensure the safety of power generation and heating supply as well as the stability of staff team during the "two sessions".


the power plant integrated the power supply guarantee work closely with the shift team safety construction work in progress, organized various departments and companies to conduct comparison and improvement on each plan item by item before power supply guarantee, in order to make various measures and plans more conform to the actual situation of the enterprise; the power plant carried out a comprehensive review of high-risk operations, further highlighted the key points of personal protection, system protection, equipment protection and power generation protection, increased the monitoring level of minor operations, night operations, weekend operations and elimination of minor defects, and continued to deepen safety management work through strict management, attention to details, vigorous implementation and constant benchmarking.


in addition, through the jykj work implementation system, the power plant ensured whole-staff participation in the power supply guarantee work, so that every employee is clear about their work focus, power supply guarantee duties, major risks and precautionary measures without blind spots and dead angles. according to the project inspection and evaluation, the power plant focused on the troubleshooting of hidden dangers and evaluation of safety risks before power supply guarantee, organized an examination on the existing defects of the units one by one, and comprehensively deepened the three-in-one inspection method of "self-inspection by shift teams, inspection by departments and sampling inspection by plant", with coordinated work of operation, spot inspection, maintenance and safety supervision personnel. the power plant implemented the "zero accident" reporting system strictly, established the system of double duty and 24-hour shift of plant leaders and heads of production department, ensured that there is no gap between on-site, department and plant-level duty, strengthened production reporting, emergency response and profession coordination, and realized stable and efficient operation of the units.

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