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spic website: sep kanshan power plant makes good start in peaking operation

in order to actively respond to the in-depth peaking operation of coal-fired units in jiangsu province and solve the ever-increasing contradictions of peak-valley differences, sep kanshan power plant has been conducting relevant work since the beginning of 2018, solved a number of problems on unit safety, economy and environmental protection brought by in-depth peaking operation, completed the in-depth peaking operation experiment successfully, with the depth of peaking operation reaching 35%, which was among the first batch of units that passed the in-depth peaking operation experiment in northern jiangsu province that year, and thus obtained additional power generation quota of 40 gwh for the power plant, and increased the income by more than rmb 5 million.


in 2019, jiangsu province implemented the market-oriented reform on in-depth peaking operation compensation mechanism, which allowed participants to gain market share through bidding. the number of units with the ability to participate in the in-depth peaking operation greatly increased in jiangsu, accounting for more than 70% of the total installed capacity of coal-fired power generation units, and thus the market competition became fiercer. considering that the spring festival holiday is the intense period of in-depth peaking operation, kanshan power plant paid high attention to the related work, made careful planning for the bidding scheme and meticulous arrangement for production before the festival. during the spring festival holiday, the bid-winning rate of the power plant exceeded 70%, with the actual peak load operation electricity of nearly 1.9 gwh and net income of over rmb 800,000, realizing a good start in peaking operation work.


the power plant will continue to carry forward the "three thousands" hardworking spirit in 2019, conduct lean in-depth peaking operation work, optimize the bidding strategy, improve equipment management and operation, ensure flexible adjustment of unit load, and make contributions to the loss reduction and efficiency improvement of the enterprise.

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