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spic website: sep kanshan power plant awarded 'civilized company of xuzhou' again

recently, xuzhou municipal spiritual civilization development steering committee announced the list of civilized companies of xuzhou in the years from 2015-2017, and sep kanshan power plant was on the list. this is the second time for the company to win the honor after it was awarded the civilized company of the city in 2012-2014.


the honor is aimed to commend those advanced and typical companies with outstanding ideological and moral education, innovative management service, good performance in social responsibility, rich enterprise culture construction and orderly development of relevant activities in the all-round construction. after scoring item by item and careful examination, acceptance and evaluation organized carefully by relevant departments, the winning result is approved by the municipal spiritual civilization development steering committee, which is the highest honor of the enterprise's comprehensive achievements in spiritual, material and ecological civilization construction.


sep kanshan power plant implemented xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the 19th cpc national congress deeply, adhered to xi's important instructions made during his inspection tour in xuzhou, took the opportunity of spic's strategic implementation in the new era to promote high-quality development of the enterprise, and endeavored to emancipate the mind and create a new situation in loss reduction, production safety, transformation and development, marketing, enterprise cultural construction. at the same time, the power plant actively cultivated and practiced socialist core values, organized a number of civilization construction activities such as "voluntary blood donation", volunteer activities and "moral lecture hall", and established a good corporate social image.

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