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spic website: sep honored 'outstanding enterprise award'

on december 28, 2018, the fourth shanghai listed companies corporate social responsibility summit was held in shanghai, which was jointly sponsored by shanghai securities regulatory bureau, shanghai federation of trade unions, shanghai stock exchange, listed companies association of shanghai and china business network co., ltd. the summit commended those listed companies with outstanding performance in fulfilling corporate social responsibility. sep was honored the "outstanding enterprise award", and the company's deputy president and board secretary xia meixing attended the meeting to accept the award.


at the award ceremony, xia meixing expressed thanks to the sponsor for the honor granted to sep. over the years, the company has been adhering to the commitment of "providing green energy and serving the public", insisting on the concept of green development, developing clean energy and renewable energy vigorously, and promoting the development of integrated smart energy actively. sep boosts environmental protection technology innovation continuously, advances energy conservation and emission reduction, and makes positive contributions to the coordinated development of economy, society, resources and environment. in the coming year, sep will continue to persist in the green development concept, improve the sustainable development capacity of the enterprise constantly, promote the sustainable development of economy, environment and society, and contribute to a better life of the people, xia said.

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