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china spic introduces china's first h-class heavy-duty gas turbine

on the afternoon of november 5, 2018, sep, a subsidiary of spic, shanghai electric group co., ltd. (sec) and ansaldo energia signed a framework of purchase for gas turbine equipment and related service agreement, marking the successful introduction of the first gt36-s5 h-class gas turbine in china, which will strongly promote the improvement of the country's equipment application.


this set of gas turbine is the first h-class model confirmed to be implemented after sec acquired 40 percent stake of ansaldo and both parties agreed to share the intellectual property rights. the whole set of units adopts "1+1+1" configuration, i.e., two generators driven by a gas turbine and a steam turbine respectively. the output of a single h-class unit is up to 750 mw, which is twice that of domestic mainstream gas turbine, with the unit efficiency of over 62 percent. as china's first project to demonstrate the application of this model, sep minhang power plant gas-steam combined cycle power generation demonstration project is responsible for pushing forward equipment introduction, technological digestion and absorption and domestic innovation and development. the project was approved by shanghai municipal development and reform commission on july 6, 2017, and was listed a major project in shanghai. the successful implementation of the project will not only optimize the energy structure of shanghai and strengthen the power supply supporting capacity of the load center, but also further boost the construction of h-class heavy-duty gas turbine demonstration project through innovation and realize the leap-forward development of gas turbine technology in china.


taking advantage of the china international import expo (ciie), the contract of the first h-class gas turbine for minhang gas turbine demonstration project was signed smoothly, which provides the guarantee for shanghai to have another green, smart, low-carbon and advanced gas-fired demonstration power plant with zero discharge of wastewater in 2020, and lays a solid foundation for china's "special programs for aero-engines and gas turbines" to obtain a major breakthrough.

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