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spic website: jiang yi inspects sep, spic talent college, snpec

from october 15-17, 2018, spic deputy secretary of party leadership group and board director jiang yi conducted a research on sep, spic talent college and state nuclear power engineering company (snpec), and listened to the work report.


during his inspection on sep as well as its affiliated companies sep green energy, yangshupu power plant, minghua electric power and caojing cogeneration, jiang yi inquired about the detailed situation of the enterprise's operation and development, project operation and corporate management model, and listened to the work report by sep.


jiang yi pointed out that sep should fully leverage its own advantage, and strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of spic in constructing a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness. regarding the next-step work, he stressed that the company should stick to the party leadership, strengthen party building, implement party construction work requirements, study corporate governance mode, identify the authority-responsibility relationship of the governing subject, give full play to its party committee's role of "grasping the direction, controlling overall situation and ensuring the implementation", sort out the company's strategic target and development thought in line with spic's strategic planning, conduct careful organization and active layout, push forward the implementation of spic's strategy with high quality, design the industrial development roadmap meticulously, realize industry specialization and refinement in line with high-quality development requirement, accomplish comprehensive reform pilot work outstandingly, and endeavor to make experiment and trial program in innovative development and value creation.

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