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china electric power news: from 300 mw to 1 gw, pudong power supply shows reform, innovation

like a tender shoot growing in the fast scene, pudong new area in shanghai seems to have grown into a towering tree in a flash. it only took 20-30 years for pudong power supply to start from the level of 300 mw to 1 gw and let renewable energy replace thermal power.


in the new era, as the proportion of coal-fired power continues to decrease in the new energy system designed by the country, those coal-fired power plants which used to bolster the economic development of pudong have come to a crossroads. from main power plants to peaking power plants, from power supply and heating supply to biomass coupled power generation, pudong power supply has been adapting to the changing needs of the new era with a strong sense of mission, demonstrating the spirit of reform and innovation with practical actions.


in january 2017, pudong new bund energy center, invested and constructed by sep under the flag of spic, was put into official operation. as the first integrated energy demonstration project of spic, the project has a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters. in the building with two floors underground and five floors on the ground, internal combustion engine, gas turbine, energy storage tank, air source heat pump and other equipment perform their respective duties, providing cooling, heating and power supplies for pudong new bund new business district, also referred to as "another lujiazui".


"the energy center takes full advantage of the differences between peak and valley tariffs and advanced technologies such as energy storage with huge volume of water, in order to improve energy efficiency and save operation costs. compared with traditional way of energy supply, the project has a comprehensive energy efficiency of more than 80%, saving energy by more than 20% and reducing greenhouse gas emission by more than 40%. besides, for shanghai where an inch of land values an inch of gold, the integrated energy project could save land resources and building space, and completely eliminate the noise of building energy equipment," said wang guodi, general manager of sep green energy.


"the process of low-carbon, intelligent and marketization has accelerated, starting an increasing wave of reform, reshaping the energy structure, production and consumption industry formats and competition patterns. sep will strive to become a world-class advanced technology provider, clean energy supplier and integrated energy service provider. we will continue to focus on clean energy development and integrated energy service, and further enhance the advantages of clean and low-carbon development," sep chairman wang yundan said.