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spic website: sep staff brace for typhoon jongdari

jongdari, the 12th typhoon this year, made landfall in coastal jinshan district in southwest shanghai at around 10:30 am, august 3. as a key enterprise which guarantees the city's power supply, sep actively implemented the requirements of shanghai municipal party committee, municipal government and the city's flood control headquarters, launched emergency response against typhoon timely, put all of its shanghai-based affiliated companies on high alert, carried out various measures in a strict, meticulous and practical manner, fought against typhoon jongdari scientifically, and ensured the safety of electricity supply during the typhoon.  


sep caojing power plant and caojing cogeneration, located in the center of the typhoon landfall, called on all the staff to devote to the typhoon and flood prevention efforts, established special inspection group to arrange comprehensive typhoon and flood prevention work and conduct site inspection on related work, and thus guaranteed production safety.


caojing power plant carried out an inch-by-inch examination on the doors and windows of coal handling system, exposed firefighting pipes of circular coal yard, desulfurization absorption tower and heat retaining panel of boiler basement, and made a fresh troubleshooting for the waterproof situation of gis building, circulation pump room, diesel generator and other key areas as well as drainage situation of surrounding environment, in order to prevent the plant site from water penetration and waterlogging. meanwhile, the power plant organized an inspection on the site of phase ii pv power project.


caojing cogeneration conducted an overall check on the main plant area, circulation pump area and quick-start boiler area, with special inspection on those places with potential dangers of falling objects, ponding or falling apart due to strong winds,  urged relevant persons in charge to rectify immediately after finding the problems, and completed a thorough rectification of hidden dangers successfully before the arrival of typhoon jongdari.