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spic website: sep japan nanko osaka pv power plant honored 'national high-quality investment project award'

recently, the 2.4 mwp nanko osaka pv power plant, developed by sep japan co., ltd., was honored "national high-quality investment project award in 2016-2017" by china investment association.


the power plant is the first pv power project invested by sep japan in the country. in february, 2014, sep japan signed the cooperation and investment agreement with japanese partner, which was in charge of the epc project. the power plant started construction in march, 2014 and was put into operation in may.


the project adopted a number of technological innovation results, including unattended and remote monitoring operation mode, which lowered human-made safety risks and o&m expenses. the control room adopted a container type of light steel structure, which increased construction efficiency, saved construction cost and was in line with quake-proof standards. pv modules and inverters adopted prefabricated pier foundation, and thus reduced the impact of power plant on the surrounding environment. in order to mitigate corrosion by high temperature and salt fog effectively, the inverter room installed thermostatic control system. in terms of management model, related requirements and construction process standards were set up in compliance with local laws and regulations in japan. the completion of the project also drove the exports of chinese pv module and other equipment.


the biennial commendation of national high-quality investment projects is sponsored by china investment association under ndrc.

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