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china power website: spic links up with shanghai municipal government

on april 27, 2017, spic and shanghai municipal government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in shanghai. wang binghua, spic chairman and party secretary, and ying yong, mayor of shanghai and deputy secretary of shanghai municipal party committee, attended the signing ceremony. wei suo, spic party member and vice president, and zhou bo, executive vice mayor of shanghai and standing committee member of shanghai municipal party committee, signed the agreement on behalf of both sides.


in accordance with the agreement, both sides will continue to deepen strategic cooperation in the following aspects: first, build a strategic highland for scientific and technological innovation, as spic will treat shanghai as a significant development area, play an active role in the construction of scientific and technological innovation center in shanghai jointly with relevant scientific research institutions and manufacturing companies, carry out the national science and technology major project of heavy-duty gas turbine completely in shanghai, create a scientific and technological innovation system for nuclear power industry, and push forward energy structure optimization and efficient and clean utilization in the related areas of shanghai; second, serve the belt and road initiative, as spic will fully rely on the shanghai pilot free trade zone, join hands with key enterprises and institutions of equipment manufacturing in shanghai to explore international market, and lead the technology, equipment, services, management and standards of chinese nuclear power industry to "go global"; third, deepen the reform and innovation of state-owned assets and soes, as spic will leverage the resources and advantages of shanghai as an international financial hub, speed up the integration of industry and finance, co-establish industry funds and venture capital funds with local enterprises and funds in shanghai, and boost the real economic development.


over the years, spic, together with its subsidiaries based in shanghai, has been positively involved in the local economic and social development, urban operation and people's livelihood, with its industry coverage of thermal power, nuclear power, scientific research, power plant service, finance, trade, etc., boasting a complete business portfolio, a galaxy of backbone enterprises and excellent talents, outstanding and standard management and high degree of globalization. the signing of the agreement will further expand all-dimensional, wide-ranging and multi-layered strategic cooperation between the two sides, help spic accelerate innovation and transformation and realize leap-forward development, facilitate the construction of "four centers", global scientific and technological innovation center and pilot free trade zone in shanghai, promote industrial innovation and transformation and high-end upgrading, and achieve win-win cooperation.

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