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spic website: wang binghua inspects subsidiaries in shanghai, zhejiang

from april 27-28, spic chairman and party secretary wang binghua went to shanghai and zhejiang province to inspect local subsidiaries.


during his visit to shanghai, wang and his delegation inspected the construction sites of qiantan distributed energy supply project and the building in shanghai expo a-zone, as well as yangshupu power plant, minghua electric power, liangji new energy and the prona smart lighting system developed by sep crelead. he listened to the work report by sep, affirmed the company's transformation idea, and required the company to firmly establish the sense of responsibility, face up to the new subject, be brave to embrace the new practice, and start a new undertaking as a striver, in order to realize the objective of building another sep. regarding the next-step key tasks, wang gave a few important instructions as follows: first, deal with the relations between traditional and emerging businesses properly, manage the existing assets well while developing incremental assets nicely with risk prevention to the greatest extent, and constantly improve equipment reliability and eva through technological progress; second, deal with the relations between domestic and overseas development properly, clarify market strategies at home and abroad and then perform respective duties related to both markets; third, deal with the relations between new technologies, new industrial types and new business models properly, and find the joint point of the above three.


in hangzhou, zhejiang province, wang listened to the work report by spic zhejiang electric power company, and affirmed it achievement made since establishment. he noted that zhejiang company had keenly captured the development trend of clean energy in zhejiang province since its founding, and formulated clear strategic thought and development plan, forged ahead patiently and steadily, and managed to make new breakthrough in the new energy development. in terms of management, the company followed spic's overall requirement, made orderly arrangement and acquired initial effect. as to the next-step work, wang gave a few requirements as follows: first, accomplish fundamental work solidly, study project management methods on new industrial types carefully, expand businesses in an orderly and effective fashion, in order to provide strong fundamental guarantee for the follow-up development; second, strengthen policy research on electricity market reform and seek new development opportunities; third, establish the company's brand image, and strive to become a rising star in the clean energy development of zhejiang province.


spic party member and vice president wei suo accompanied wang on the inspection tour in shanghai. the related senior management of spic and leaders of general office and strategy and planning department also accompanied wang on the inspection.

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