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spic website: sep's ke purchase awarded 'best pakistan deal' by financeasia

sep's acquisition of 66.4 percent stake of pakistan-based k-electric (ke) was awarded the "best pakistan deal" in 2016 by financeasia recently. financeasia highly complimented sep's rationale of the acquisition that combines both the implementation of china's belt and road initiative and the strategic move to expand into a fast-growing power market.


"(the transaction) furthers chinese influence in a country that is increasingly important to the middle kingdom, adding to the already-crucial china-pakistan economic corridor," commented financeasia on the ke deal. "shanghai electric (power)'s acquisition of k-electric gives it a new channel to spread some of its abundant over-capacity, and access to a fast-growing country that is attracting increasing interest from international investors."


financeasia is a hong kong-based publication reporting on asia's financial and capital markets through a daily website and monthly magazine. it was established in 1996 and organizes annual awards for asia's financial industry, the financeasia achievement awards, which each year recognize the region's most significant transactions and the financial institutions that advised on them.

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