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spic wechat: caojing power plant goes all out to guard 'crystal sky' for oriental pearl

recently, ying yong, mayor of shanghai said while answering reporter's question, "we will complete the hard task of air pollution control with strict measures, and we believe there will be more and more 'crystal skies' in shanghai!" 


what is the crystal sky said by the mayor?


it is referred to as a weather phenomenon featured with very few air pollutants, crystal-clear air and very high visibility in the local region.


caojing power plant, as one of the supporting projects of shanghai expo, what efforts has it made to guard the crystal sky for the oriental pearl of shanghai?


let's take a look!


caojing power plant is the first 1000 mw-class ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant constructed under the approval of "developing large thermal units and shutting down small ones" in china, and also the first of such power plant constructed and put into operation in spic. since its operation, the power plant has been always completing the operation and maintenance of environmental protection facilities for the units seriously, constantly strengthening environmental supervision and inspection, and ensuring long-term stable operation of environmental protection facilities and pollutant emission in line with the standard at all times.


caojing power plant conducted the ultra-low emission rehabilitation project on the two units in 2014 and 2015 respectively, and the project on unit 2 was among the first batch of 13 demonstration projects of environmental protection rehabilitation on coal-fired units approved by national energy administration in 2014, and also the first ultra-low emission project in spic and in shanghai. the project, which adopted a combination of wet electrostatic precipitator, low-nox combustion technology, high-efficient de-sox technology, scr de-nox system optimization and reconstruction, and tube-type mggh technology, not only reduced the outlet emission concentration of dust, so2 and nox and realized the emission of air pollutants above the national standard for gas turbines, but also achieved a good effect on the collaborative treatment of so3, smoke plume and pm2.5.


in 2016, the major pollutant emission indicators of dust, so2 and nox were 1.31mg/nm3, 15.34mg/nm3 and 15.67mg/nm3 for unit 1, and were 0.6mg/nm3, 16.07mg/nm3 and 20.57mg/nm3 for unit 2 of caojing power plant, both better than the "emission standards for national science and technology projects", the most leading standard in the country. meanwhile, unit 1 and unit 2 came in first and second respectively in the ranking of comprehensive indicators of pollutant emissions of coal-fired power plants in shanghai in 2016.

clean and high-efficient power generation technology has brought considerable economic benefits to caojing power plant, and has also become a "name card" to promote the development strategy of spic and sep at home and abroad. turkish energy minister, chinese minister of environmental protection, mayor of shanghai and other domestic and foreign officials came to visit the power plant, and spoke highly of its outstanding emission indicators.


looking forward, caojing power plant, aimed at "building a domestic-leading and world-class benchmarking 1000 mw-class power plant", will continue to forge ahead with relentless efforts and continuous innovation.

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