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spic website: sep implements spic's orders to boost safety inspection

on october 27, main leaders of sep went to waigaoqiao power plant and wujing power plant separately to conduct a special safety inspection, and checked the production site and the implementation of the spirit of spic's meeting on work safety.


the company required all the cadres and employees to learn lessons from recent accidents, check for safety hazards thoroughly, draw up rectification plans immediately, clarify completion deadline and responsible person, enhance strength of implementation and prevent similar accidents from happening again. the leading group of various subsidiaries and leaders in charge of workplace safety should set a good example by placing work safety as first priority, conducting supervision on the production site at least once every day, completing written record and making timely rectification to problems found. all the production-related departments should step up hse system training, carry out special-topic safety training and safety activities regularly, accomplish various tasks including outsourcing engineering management, work safety measures and troubleshooting on major safety hazards in a strict and rapid fashion. safety management should be implemented thoroughly and comprehensively. the company leaders should convey the spirit of the two important notices by spic in person, and make sure that the related requirements be implemented seriously from departments to shift teams with corresponding measures worked out. the actual qualifications and working ability of outsourcing engineering personnel should be reviewed comprehensively, in order to improve dynamic supervision and ensure strict process supervision. all the subsidiaries should organize all levels of production staff to go over "safety production law", "provisions of rewards and penalties on work safety by state power investment corporation" and other related regulations, carry out troubleshooting on safety hazards thoroughly, unify standards and standardize processes to ensure safety and stability.


during the inspection tour, sep leaders made a spot check on outsourcing project accounts and management conditions, and went to the project site to examine the rectification situation on safety hazards related to working platform, etc. they required all the subsidiaries to manage outsourcing teams just as their own staff, and implement the following three aspects in the process of safety management: firstly, pay attention to the source, choose good-quality outsourcing team during the bidding process, clarify the threshold for management ability of outsourcing team and qualifications of technical director in the outsourcing contract, and double-check the qualifications and ability of all members of the outsourcing team one by one; secondly, focus on the approval process, and strictly examine the qualifications of outsourcing construction team before they enter the workplace; thirdly, emphasize on inspection, implement the responsibility of the safety subject in the process of construction operations, reinforce supervision and assessment with clear rewards and punishments. they called for solid implementation of hse management improvement, in order to ensure the comprehensiveness of improvement measures and execution in safety management regulations, procedures and sops.


the company asked safety, quality and environmental protection department and production department to provide opinions on work safety management inspection regarding the problems found out during this inspection, which will become one of the subjects for the next inspection, and prepare for the following joint inspection.

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