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spic website: sep lingshan wind power project synchronized with full capacity

on march 31, 2016, a total of 24 wind turbine units at the 48 mw lingshan wind farm, phase ii of anhui xiao county wind power project developed by sep new energy co, were connected to the grid with full capacity.
with total investment of 377.5 million rmb, the 48 mw project was planned to install 24 wind power units with single capacity of 2 mw. with full capacity, the project is estimated to reach 1,866 hours of annual generation, which equals to 89.568 gwh of clean power for the grid per year after operation, with expected pay-off period of 9.33 years.
since commencement on october 8, 2015, the project has received great attention from top management of sep. president wang huaiming visited the project site many times to inspect and guide the construction work. despite difficulties like short construction period and winter construction, all members of sep new energy spared no efforts to coordinate with various parties involved in construction, the supervision company and the related local companies, discussed the best plan based on site conditions and organized construction. the staff struggled against the severe weather conditions of wind and snowstorm, stuck to their posts at the project site to ensure construction process and quality, and consequently, the first wind turbine unit was synchronized with the grid on january 29, 2016.

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