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spic website: sep implements spic spirit to improve news propaganda work

on march 24, 2016, sep held the 2016 news propaganda work meeting & correspondent training course at the training center on south xizang road in shanghai. the meeting focused on the key points of the group company spic鈥檚 news propaganda work and arranged for the news propaganda work of 2016.
sep鈥檚 head of news propaganda conveyed spic鈥檚 news propaganda work key points of 2016 from nine aspects including implementing the major principles and policies of the party and the state, carrying out the important deployment of spic鈥檚 party group and guiding the staff to understand the situation correctly. he asked the news propaganda personnel from various companies to earnestly study spic鈥檚 news propaganda work key points, revise and perfect the publicity plan, and focus on the propaganda of new energy development, project construction and overseas development according to sep鈥檚 development principle of 鈥渇ocus on development, increase profits and promote harmony鈥? at the same time, sep, as a listed company of spic, will continue with lean propaganda work, and complete data & information privacy and public opinion monitoring in strict accordance with the requirements of information disclosure.
in 2015, sep鈥檚 news propaganda work closely centered around its development policy, strived to serve the company's overall strategy and deepen reform and innovation, realized a new breakthrough of news propaganda work through increasing the internal and external propaganda of clean energy development and the 鈥済oing out鈥?strategy, especially enhanced the propaganda of overseas projects, new energy and major technological upgrading projects following closely with the strategy, and won the title of best enterprise newspaper in shanghai of 2016, the company鈥檚 news propaganda work will focus on its key work, enhance publicity on the results of its 鈥済oing out鈥?strategy, transformation, development and innovation management, and create a good public opinion environment for its sustainable development.
on the training course, xu ze, executive deputy director of shanghai 鈥淐hina revitalization鈥?reading office and special correspondent of liberation daily delivered a speech on news reporting, writing skills and how to conduct news propaganda work concerning foreign affairs combined with his own growth story, in the hopes of helping the trainees improve the sense of responsibility for news reporting and writing skills, which were highly affirmed.

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