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spic website: sep 2015 net profit rises 0.51%

銆€銆€sep reported revenue of 17.006 billion rmb for 2015, with a year-on-year increase of 5.62%. according to the company鈥檚 annual report of 2015 released on march 28, 2016, its net profit attributable to the listed company shareholders rose 0.51% from the previous year to 1.332 billion rmb. the basic eps was 0.6227 rmb for 2015. and the company planned to pay cash dividend of 0.25 rmb per share (before tax) to all the shareholders.


銆€銆€by the end of 2015, the company registered the holding installed capacity of 9,362.7 mw, 69.21% of which was coal-fired power, amounting to 6,480 mw, and clean energy occupied 30.79% of the total installed capacity. the company produced 35.23 twh of electricity in 2015, rising 9.86% over the previous year. the annual heat supply achieved 13.8856 million gj, with a robust increase of 24.43% year on year.

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