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china pv news: hong solar, sep launch strategic jv platform

in february 2016, hong solar co., ltd. and sep new energy development co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and both companies would establish a strategic joint-venture platform with a registered capital of 500 million rmb, which would become the flagship unit for the two companies to invest in pv base projects around china.

according to the agreement, both sides would leverage their own technological advantages and resource strength, and jointly push forward the technical optimization of pv power generation system as well as the quality improvement of pv power plant. having integrated hong solar鈥檚 strength in high-quality resource development and construction with sep鈥檚 financing advantage, both sides would jointly promote the development of 鈥減ioneer鈥?bases in the major pv markets around china and carry out all-round strategic cooperation in 鈥減ioneer鈥?base projects.

as a leading domestic provider for full life-cycle new energy power station services, hong solar specializes in providing a whole set of solutions including high-quality resource development, design optimization, high-quality construction and smart operation and maintenance for pv power station projects. at present, the company鈥檚 reserve projects exceed 5 gw in capacity. in 2015, the company won two big awards in annual selection of pv power station epc, which are, the polaris cup and the solar power cup. meanwhile, the company has been dedicated in the r&d of breakthrough technology in smart operation and maintenance, as well as the enhancement of power generation rate and investment return rate for the power station owners from every aspect.

as a wholly subsidiary of sep, which belongs to spic, a large-scale comprehensive energy conglomerate with registered capital of 45 billion rmb, sep new energy is a professional new energy company engaged in new energy investment, management and operation including solar power, wind power and biomass energy and distributed energy.

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