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spic wechat: sep makes good start of 鈥?3th five year plan鈥?/p>

on february 2, sep held the work meeting of 2016 and the eighth session of the second workers' congress. the meeting implemented the spirit of spic鈥檚 work meeting in 2016 and made work arrangements for 2016.

2016 major work arrangements:

overall idea: guided by the development concept of 鈥渋nnovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing鈥?proposed in the fifth plenary session of the 18th cpc central committee, sep will firmly implement spic's new strategy, new concept and new mission, promote structure adjustment, layout optimization, transformation and upgrading, and practice 鈥淥ne belt one road鈥?initiative, as well as insist on green power strategy, overall lean management, staff innovation and creation, harmonious development, profit increase and strengthen the party construction in an all-round way in order to further solidify production safety foundation, speed up the development method and mechanism adapting to the 鈥渘ew normal鈥? go all out to launch sep鈥檚 innovative and balanced development of the 鈥?3th five year plan鈥?successfully, strive to become the pioneer of spic to build an innovation-oriented, international comprehensive energy group and modern soe, and make important contribution to realizing "corner overtaking" for spic.

to complete the following six aspects of tasks:
1) take strictness as first priority and consolidate foundation of production safety
be strict at accountability and responsibility.
be strict at supervision and fight against violation of regulation.
be strict at trouble-shooting and strive to eliminate hidden danger.
be strict at requirements and build a powerful system.

2) adapt to the new normal and advocate 鈥淭hree-thousand鈥?hardworking spirit to increase profit
expand market for supply and revenue increase.
strengthen management to reduce costs.
strive for policy implementation to ensure tariff collection.

3) promote transformation and layout optimization
go all out for new electricity business pattern and be outstanding in shanghai.
accelerate clean energy development and be top in china.
focus on core industry development and be excellent abroad.
implement diversity development in power station services.
speed up capital operation to promote development.
strengthen risk management to ensure quality and efficiency.

4) focus on innovation and creation to build a new engine for sep
accelerate mind change.
strengthen overall lean management.
spare no efforts to create technological advantages.
encourage business model innovation.
build new information management platform.
enhance value creation with job innovation.

5) comprehensively deepen reform and implement the concept of "center around the strivers"
optimize corporate governance.
improve merit-based and flexible human resource system.
improve performance assessment system to promote value creation.
improve flexible and effective incentive mechanism.

6) fully enhance party-masses work and create cultural advantage
strictly manage the party to lead development.
construct the party-masses work to ensure development.
promote development with the 鈥淗armony鈥?culture.

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