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waigaoqiao power plant deploys lean management improvement

銆€銆€on april 27, 2015, waigaoqiao power plant held the first meeting of the leading group for lean management improvement, and fully deployed the upcoming activities of lean management improvement. the meeting was chaired by wan wenwei, eneral manager of the plant. the other members of senior management and the leaders of all departments were present at the meeting. in order to deepen the concept of lean management, refine the management measures and improve the management effect and efficiency of the company鈥檚 production and operation, as well as ensure the smooth development of lean management improvement, the plant established the leading group, the working group and the office for lean management improvement on march 31, 2015.


    wan wenwei noted that waigaoqiao power plant would comprehensively develop lean management improvement work and conduct it throughout the whole process of safety management of production and peration. three changes should be grasped. first, change the idea promptly and aim at realizing the maximization of the overall interests of sep. second, change the workflow, in order to accomplish the company鈥檚 comprehensive goal by means of collaboration. third, promote the staff鈥檚 enthusiasm, work with collective wisdom and concerted efforts and attempt to achieve the biggest output with the smallest within the company鈥檚 organization system. wan required the plant to thoroughly comb the various fields of enterprise management and establish the special improvement tasks according to the general requirements of sep, dedicate to the lean management improvement work with positive and down-to-earth attitude, work hard to complete the pdca cycle each year, and make its own contribution to the sustained development of sep with three years鈥?relentless efforts.

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