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sep engineering provides voluntary service for overseas staff

銆€on april 20, 2015, the labor union of shangdian electric power engineering co., ltd. (sep engineering) held a founding conference of guo mingyi (a national moral model) voluntary service team, during which the company鈥檚 deputy party secretary and chairman of the labor union, xie zhiwen, gave instructions on the work deployment and coordination of various departments and specific work requirements.
銆€in accordance with sep鈥檚 development strategy of 鈥淏ase in shanghai, domestic-oriented, expanding overseas鈥? the company has been making greater efforts to provide logistical support for its employees overseas and outside shanghai and offer necessary help to their families. the founding of guo mingyi voluntary service team by sep engineering makes the related work gradually become institutionalized and normalized, which, as a form to extend the company鈥檚 traditional 鈥淗eart-warming activities鈥? has also improved the company鈥檚 cohesion and image.
銆€mr. xie noted the splitting up of families is more or less an inevitable phenomenon while a great number of employees have been relocated due to the company鈥檚 strategy of 鈥淕oing global鈥? with the absence of their pillars at home, those families could be faced with inconveniences and difficulties, such as illness of family members, sudden accidents, high school or college entrance examination for their children, when they are most in need of support. adhering to the tenet of 鈥淗elping each other, showing loving care鈥? sep engineering, playing the role of bridge between the company and staff, is making every effort to help those families with real difficulties in life, thus the relocated employees could feel the caring from 鈥渢he big family鈥?and be dedicated to work without worries. the company required the labor unions at all levels to deeply and thoroughly learn about the difficulties and problems confronting the families of expatriate employees, actively report and share the related situation, and become the first person to know about, report and help with their difficulties, in order to turn guo mingyi voluntary service team into a grassroots service platform well-received by employees鈥?families.

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