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sep, 9 subsidiaries awarded 17th civilized companies of shanghai

    during the shanghai municipal spiritual civilization construction work commendation conference and the volunteer service conference on learning from comrade lei feng held on april 10, 2015, weng tiehui, vice mayor of shanghai, arded the title of 鈥淐ivilized companies of shanghai鈥?to shanghai electric power co., ltd. and nine of its subsidiaries and subordinates, which are, changxing island no. 2 power plant, wujing thermal power plant, yangshupu power plant, hanghai shangdian caojing power generation co., ltd., waigaoqiao power plant, shanghai caojing cogeneration co., ltd., hangdian electric power engineering co., ltd., shangdian operation co., ltd. and shanghai shuntao industry (group) co., ltd.
    in recent years, inspired by the company spirit of 鈥淚nheritance, innovation and excellence鈥?and the philosophy of 鈥淧rovide green energy, serve the public鈥? sep has carried out a series of initiatives on creating civilized companies at its headquarters together with its subsidiaries and subordinates, proactively fulfilling their social sponsibilities of central soes, with abundant achievements in energy saving and environmental protection, technological innovation, as market expansion, spiritual civilization construction, etc. on the list of 鈥渢he 17th civilized companies of shanghai (for 2013-2014)鈥? there was sep with nine of its subsidiaries and subordinates, among which five won the itle for the first time, indicating the company鈥檚 spiritual civilization construction work has risen to a new level.

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