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shanghai electric power raised the five-starred red flag in the sky of tigris


120 km away from baghdad, by the ancient tigris river. that day was 101st day when they left their country, but after two months, on december 23rd, unit 2, 4 脳 330mw fuel ( gas ) generating set of iraq wassit phase-i project undertook by shanghai electric power for operation and management achieved a great success at a time from power usage, power receiving, start-up of the boiler ignition, boiler chemical washing, chemical water making, hydrogen making, 400kv power receiving, check of the entire unit to the gird-connected system, even two months earlier than original plan! therefore, shanghai electric power group sent a letter of thanks to highly affirm all work made by shanghai electric power operation company and minghua company. as a partner, shanghai electric power group said that the operation and management of iraqi project was the most excellent in all overseas projects, and they wished to continuously have a sincere cooperation with shanghai electric power and started an international brand for china power engineering.

on that day, mr. kelim, the iraqi electricity minister visited operation employees working at shanghai electric power and highly appreciated their excellent technical level, as well as fully confirmed the operation work. on behalf of the iraqi prime minister, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the great contribution made by various construction units from china. he noted that the successful completion of unit 2 and the grid-connected system greatly eased the tense situation of power shortage in wassit, iraq, and wished the subsequent constructions of unit 1, 3 and 4 to be smooth sailing. on the same day, ni jian, the chinese ambassador in iraq came, and congratulated the successful completion of unit 2. he said, "this was a wonderful moment reflecting the friendship and mutual assistance between china and iraq."

the success of the gird-connected system of unit 2 at a time marked the phased objective obtained by shanghai electric power in the "going out" strategy, symbolized that the operation management level of shanghai electric power was high and the hard-working spirit of its employee had withstood the severe test. as we all know, unlike other places, working in iraq needed not only to overcome the difficulties of life and physiology, but also to get over the psychological test caused by the civil unrest. after all, iraq was lack of peace that was the most common in china, and these pressures were undertook by not just them and their families, but also the group leadership and all employees in shanghai electric power.

however, they did a good job! on the next day as they arrived at the project site, the project leader convened all employees to have a brief meeting for mobilization. at the meeting, he described the current construction progress of the work site, analyzed various effects and difficulties that may be experienced, and had the specific arrangement for technical support and security assurance.

at that time, iraq was severe short of power, and with the frequent occurrence of low-voltage grid, and frequent stopping of equipment, the construction work was not completed, and many roads were not paved; the outdoor temperature was up to 45 鈩? and the flying dust and suspended particles enveloped the work site. if you didn鈥檛 wear sunglasses, it would be almost impossible to keep your eyes open to see things. if reaching your hands to touch the walls and doors, actually, you might feel everything was hot. however, under such a hostile environment, work passion of employees in iraq was not affected. ma jianhua, the leader of shift team, huang yong, the chemistry professional, yao quanping, the boiler professional and liu julin, the turbine professional and other professional personnel worked under the scorching sun and wind to touch devices on the site, understood and compared the system diagrams, and strove to grasp the site conditions as soon as possible. in just four or five days, all work of the project was carried out intensely and orderly; by coordinating with the node tasks, they prepared for the good production start-up. as a leader, lu xingkang, deputy general manager of shanghai electric power operation company proudly said, 鈥渁s the overseas employees, we shoulder the great trust from the group and shanghai electric power and practice the "going out" strategy; with our extensive operating experience and a high degree of responsibility, we would definitely establish a good reputation and image for the group company in iraq.鈥?/span>

when writing this news, under the sunshine of tanzania and heavy traffic in jakarta, in the virgin forest in east kalimantan, with their brave spirit, employees from shanghai electric power were struggling for the realization of 鈥渇our changes鈥?in shanghai electric power and striving to become the world-class group!

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