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wu xinxiong made a speech at the symposium on energy supervision, held by national energy administration.

source: website of national energy administration, website of the central government


date: 2013.09.25

recently, symposium on energy supervision was held in beijing, organized by national energy administration. on the symposium, attendants have made in-depth analysis on the new situation and task faced with by energy supervision; proposed the basic idea and key work of energy supervision at the next stage. xu xinxiong, deputy director of national development and reform commission and chief of national energy administration, has attended the meeting and given a speech. the meeting was hosted by wang yumin, deputy chief of national energy administration. 

wu xinxiong pointed out that chinese party central committee and the state council have integrated the responsibilities of the original national energy administration and state electricity regulatory commission; the reorganization of national energy administration was a major decision arrangement of the energy management system, aiming at promoting the energy reform and development with better overall planning and strengthening energy supervision management. after the reorganization, national energy administration will shoulder more duties, face with heavier tasks with bigger responsibility. staff of national energy administration shall upgrade their awareness, confirm the orientation of national energy administration and increase their sense of responsibility, mission and urgency concretely in the process of energy supervision; deeply understand the new pattern of energy supervision, correctly master the new orientation of energy supervision and scheme the new idea of energy supervision with overall planning. the core of energy supervision is to give play to the functions of participation, information awareness, supervision, assessment, feedback, disclosure, treatment and suggestion; the key of energy supervision shall be security supervision and energy planning, industrial policy, industrial development and major projects; national energy administration shall propel the construction of energy market, strengthen market access, conduct fair and open supervision, enhance the cost supervision, coordinate related departments to strengthen price supervision and strengthen the executive law enforcement of energy industry.

 wu xinxiong stressed that the responsibilities of energy supervision, according to the regulation of 鈥淭hree-setting鈥?plan formulated by national energy administration, include supervision on energy planning, energy policy and project implementation, power security supervision, energy market and transaction supervision, energy cost supervision, supervision on the fairness and justice of the power grid and gas and oil pipelines, energy market access supervision, participation in energy price supervision, total quantity control of energy consumption and supervision on energy saving and emission reduction of energy industry, executive law enforcement of energy industry. during the process of supervision, national energy administration shall focus on key task, pay attention to quality, ensure the actual effect, and do its best to finish the supervision work; the 7 most important supervision tasks recently are as follows: 1. focus on the supervision of energy planning, scheming, policy and project construction; 2. focus on power security supervision; 3. focus on the supervision of fairness in the energy market; 4. focus on cost supervision and coordinate to supervise energy prices; 5. focus on the supervision on peoples鈥?satisfaction on power consumption; 6. focus on the supervision on energy saving and consumption reduction; 7. focus on inspection of supervision.

 wu xinxiong urged that during the process of energy supervision, staff of national energy administration shall accord with situation requirements, launch further innovation mechanism, change their working style and strengthen study to upgrade their ability of energy supervision concretely. firstly, they shall innovate the working mechanism of supervision, follow the overall idea of 鈥減articipating in the whole process, making effective engagement and cooperating with each other to form the closed loop鈥? aiming at realizing the 鈥渟imultaneous transferring of powers and responsibilities to a lower level, and strengthening adjustment and control and supervision synchronously; secondly, they shall innovate the working style of supervision, establish the system of regular meeting on supervision work, pay more attention to the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision, and strengthen responsibility division and collaboration; thirdly, they shall constantly improve the supervision measures, implement supervision legally, improve the system of information submission and disclosure, complete the system of supervision report and feedback, launch key examination, inspection and executive law enforcement, and complete the mechanism and process of supervision work; fourthly, they shall comprehensively improve and upgrade their working style, pursue in the market-oriented and enterprise-oriented working style, explore the practice thoroughly, solve problems pragmatically, and involve supervision into service; fifthly, they shall continuously upgrade the quality of the supervision team, create a team with firm political position, professional competence, excellent working style and fair law enforcement.

 in the symposium, directors of market supervision department, power security supervision department and certificate management center have given working reports; representatives of various agents have also given speeches on their work planning at the next stage.

    party members, chief engineer and chief economist of national energy administration, persons chiefly in charge of various agents and directly affiliated institutions have attended the meeting.

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