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chairman of international electrotechnical commission: china boasts its world-leading uhv power transmission technology.



date: 2013.9.25

berlin (sep. 24th, by zheng xiaoyi)鈥?a name="ole_link359">chairman of iec, mr. kraus wucherer, said on sep. 24th that china鈥檚 uhv power transmission technique is at the world-leading level, and china鈥檚 uhvac standard will be promoted to the world as the international standard voltage.

wucherer made the abovementioned statement when he was interviewed by journalist with during the 2013 international smart grid forum. he said that china shares the same problem of unbalanced resource distribution with other countries. for instance, germany has to transform the wind power in the northern germany into power and transmit it to the southern are; then the uhv power transmission technology is needed. this technology that can reduce the transmission losses due to long distance will enjoy extensive application in other regions in the world.

 whcherer believed that standardization will enhance the operability of technology for better promotion. therefore, the development of smart grid is the essence; uhvac voltage standard that has become international standard voltage will be promoted to the world.

liu zhenya, chairman of state grid corporation of china, spoke in the forum that china has comprehensively mastered the core technology of uhvdc and uhvac and the manufacturing ability of the integrated equipments; china has achieved a batch of world-class innovation results in the fields of large grid control and protection, smart grid, clean energy access to grid, etc.; and china has participated in formulating 19 international standards, including uhvac standard.

 he pointed out particularly that since proposing the development of 鈥淪trong smart grid鈥?in 2009, china has established 2 1000-kilovolt ac power transmission lines and 4 800-kilovolt dc power transmission lines with the highest volt class in the world, with several lines under construction. those backbone grid structures will be able to transform the energy in western china, especially the solar energy and wind energy, into electric power, and transmit the power to the load center of power consumption in east china in long distance, acting as the greener, more economical, reliable and smarter power transmission technology.

 liu zhenyan disclosed that china is developing the 1100-kilovolt ac technology and equipment, which will realize larger power transmission capacity as much as 13.75 million kilowatt and farther economical distance of power transmission as long as 5000 kilometers, providing conditions for trans-regional, transnational and transcontinental power transmission channel.

 this forum was hosted by iec, vde and state grid corporation of china jointly, themed as 鈥渉igh-level vision of smart grid鈥? there were over 500 industry insiders coming from over 40 countries and regions attending the forum and discussing about the opportunities and challenges faced with by the development of smart grid.

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