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sep holds seminar on green development

green is the most distinctive color in contemporary china's development, is also the color that sep must adhere to in transformation and development.

in order to further improve the green development under the "dual carbon targets", sep held a unique seminar at the company headquarters on november 12. the company's party secretary and chairman hu jiandong, deputy party secretary and president wei juliang, and party committee member and deputy president li feng had discussions together with the young talents from the company's provincial representative offices, shanghai regional companies and new business form promotion office who are engaged in green development, talking about ideas, clarifying directions and planning measures, and the atmosphere was warm and fervent.

"provincial representative offices and shanghai regional companies are sparks of fire kindled by the company's green development, and they should attempt to accomplish their mission, enter into the spirit of their roles as soon as possible and work hard." hu jiandong encouraged the 15 newly appointed cadres to become the pioneers of green development in the company, strive to become the "pacesetters", strictly implement the "20-word standards" for leading cadres of soes required by general secretary xi jinping, and endeavor to be loyal to the party, bold in innovation, have good method in governing the enterprise, make contribution to the development of the enterprise, and stay clean and honest. he also asked them to understand the local conditions of the project deeply, start from the actual situation, come up with appropriate strategies and methods, take the right path, liberate the mind, focus on innovation, and achieve results through continuous struggle.

confronted with fierce competition in the "dual carbon era", those bearing the mission of project development should size up the situation, adapt to the trend, get down to work quickly, connect with the local government departments, power grid companies, and regional leading enterprises actively, expand the "circle of friends" constantly, continue to strengthen the training and learning of knowledge related to new energy and new industries, enhance their own business capabilities, make good use of external forces and thinktanks to accelerate the project development, encourage technological innovation and business model innovation, intensify information resource sharing, be based on local development, promote cross-regional development, advance the development of pv power projects of the whole county vigorously, form the "model house" for the whole county development continuously, carry out benchmarking management in due course, and improve the incentive mechanism, wei juliang noted.

combined with the current situation of the company's project development, li feng called on the meeting participants to take the initiative, dare to shoulder responsibilities, enhance learning, strive to change the way of thinking and straighten out the attitude, continue to strengthen the awareness of risk prevention and control, reinforce the linkage with spic and provincial companies, and upgrade the ability of coordination and collaboration.

the seminar lasted for more than five hours before it came to a successful conclusion. the participants spoke out freely and expressed their determination to achieve success at work, rolling up their sleeves for the green development and high-quality development of the company.

before the meeting, hu jiandong and wei juliang held talks with the newly appointed cadres. liu bin gave a speech on behalf of them.

the leaders of sep strategy and management improvement department, development department, human resources department, planning and finance department and renewable energy management center participated in the meeting.

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