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transport minister li xiaopeng inspects waigaoqiao power plant for power supply guarantee

on the afternoon of november 3, 2021, minister of transport li xiaopeng went to waigaoqiao power plant to conduct a research on the energy supply guarantee work. zhang wei, vice-mayor of shanghai, accompanied him on the research. sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong participated in the research.

li xiaopeng and his delegation inspected the fuel terminal and dry coal shed of the power plant, with in-depth understanding of the trend of coal cargo throughput and the production situation at the fuel terminal, and careful examination of epidemic prevention and control at the dock, work safety and energy supply guarantee at the power plant, and spoke highly of sep for assuming its responsibility for energy supply guarantee and playing a leading role in the related work.

li xiaopeng noted that we should thoroughly implement the important remarks and instructions of general secretary xi jinping on energy security, resolutely carry out a series of decisions and deployments of the party central committee and the state council, and effectively complete the energy supply guarantee work.

li xiaopeng said that ministry of transport will continue to ensure the waterway transport safety of coal as always, firmly guard the lifeline of energy safety, and escort the energy supply guarantee work with best-quality service. meanwhile, the ministry will continue to maintain communication and exchanges with governments and users at all levels, actively coordinate and solve various problems in the process of transportation and energy supply guarantee, and make every effort to ensure the safety and smooth flow of coal transport in the coming winter-spring period.

the related personnel from the relevant departments of shanghai municipal government and sep joined in the above research.

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