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wei juliang inspects renewable energy management center, guides work of 'creating value, striving for efficiency'

on october 15, 2021, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang and party committee member, deputy party secretary and cfo chen wenhao went to renewable energy management center to guide the work of "creating value and striving for efficiency".

wei juliang and his delegation heard the report on the implementation of the measures related to "creating value and striving for efficiency" as well as the work of production safety, operation and development delivered by renewable energy management center, affirmed their achievements and put forward a few requirements for the next stage of work as follows:

first, adhere to the risk prevention and solution, enhance the awareness of compliance with the law, focus on avoiding and defusing major business risks, ensure the elimination of existing risks and curbing incremental risks, and form a synergy of managing the enterprise by law and preventing risks; second, further speed up team construction, improve precision incentive, motivate the enthusiasm and energy of cadres and staff to take the initiative at work to the greatest extent, and provide talent support for the company's high-quality development strategy; third, actively explore renewable energy o&m management and control model for the company, comprehensively raise the profit of electricity, take multiple measures to increase the electricity generation, leave no stone unturned to increase income and reduce expenditure, and guarantee the completion of the annual business goals and tasks; fourth, pay high attention to work safety, insist on putting work safety first, implement the requirements for "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict rewards and punishments", carry out the safety regulations of the local government and the company to the letter, and ensure the execution of the emergency plan.

the related leaders of sep development department, planning and finance department, production department, sales and marketing department and renewable energy management center participated in the meeting.

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