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34 post-80s middle-level cadres finish 'charging and empowerment'

following 48 days of "online offline" mixed learning, 34 post-80s middle-level cadres have completed their course.

to vigorously discover, cultivate and select young cadres is of fundamental importance for sep to build on its past achievements, forge ahead into the future, and strive for excellence. in recent years, the company's party committee has been broadening its horizon and channels of talent selection and appointment, and thus a large number of excellent post-80s have taken up the positions of middle-level cadres. in order to strengthen the training of young cadres, improve the management knowledge and ability of post-80s middle-level cadres, and further enhance the management level of the company, sep launched a 48-day training program aimed at the post-80s middle-level cadres, 34 of whom participated in the course.

back to the classroom this time, they held several brainstorming sessions focused on party building, strategy implementation, management improvement, "carbon emissions peak" and "carbon neutrality" and renewable energy project development. divided into five groups, the trainees sat around small round tables and expressed their views freely.

on september 24, they completed the course, and the company organized a special "graduation ceremony" for these post-80s middle-level cadres.

the five research groups reported their study results on the topics of "how to improve team execution", "how to optimize clean energy project management model of the entire county", "how to enhance team awareness and improve synergy effect", "how to tap the value of existing human resources" and "refining caring for the staff and enhancing employee recognition of the company" respectively, with the trainees sharing their learning experience one by one. sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong conferred honorary certificates on the outstanding trainees.

in the release of the results, hu jiandong pointed out the solution to the problem immediately regarding the team management issues of common concern of the participants, resonating widely with everyone. first, explore the management model conducive to value creation, make good use of flexible management models such as caring and counseling, gradually transform the past management model which is rather simple and rigid, while taking into consideration the working nature of the management object, focusing on the individualized differences of the staff and intensifying the relevance and effectiveness of management. second, leverage the advantages of close contact between party, labor union and youth league organizations and the employees, fully rely on the synergistic network of the company, pay attention to the value demands of the staff, pool the collective wisdom, enhance the internal cohesion and combat capability of the enterprise, and serve the operation and development of the enterprise.

in his speech, hu required the trainees to insist on learning, keep up with the pace of the new era, establish the idea of lifelong learning, turn passive learning into active learning, stimulate the internal learning motivation, constantly enhance the learning consciousness, adhere to seeking truth from facts, which is the essence and soul of marxism, be good at applying the skills learned to the practical work, always do things based on facts and practical requirements, and achieve the unity of knowing and doing.

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