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sep promotes safety management improvement project to ensure steady progress of work safety

in order to thoroughly implement general secretary xi jinping's important remarks on work safety, hold a solid defense line for work safety at all times and strengthen the implementation of work safety responsibilities, sep held a special meeting of the party committee at the headquarters on september 17 to study and deploy the work of production safety.

presided by the company's party secretary and chairman hu jiandong, the meeting was attended by wei juliang, deputy party secretary and president, zeng xuefeng, executive deputy head of spic yangtze river basin hydrogen energy and clean energy comprehensive utilization promotion workgroup, xia meixing and zhai deshuang, party committee members and deputy presidents, chen wenhao, party committee member, deputy president and cfo, li e, party committee member and secretary of discipline inspection committee, li feng, party committee member and deputy president, and shen rulang, chief director.

hu jiandong pointed out that the company's work safety situation is basically stable and showing a positive trend thanks to the concerted efforts across the company. nevertheless, the foundation of work safety concerning production and operation and engineering construction is not strong enough, with still weak links as regards contractors and on-site safety supervision and safety management in such fields as new energy, integrated smart energy and "three new" industries to be studied and improved. in brief, the work safety situation remains complicated, severe and thus not optimistic.

hu jiandong stressed that all units should resolutely eliminate lack of vigilance and fluke mind, always keep alert to work safety, continue to adhere to the requirements of "full coverage, zero tolerance and strict rewards and punishments" for work safety, requirements of safety production, grasp the related work pragmatically and meticulously, nip hidden danger in the bud, and improve intrinsic safety comprehensively. first, take the safety management improvement project as the main line, and carry out double prevention mechanism construction, special rectification of accidents, three-year action on special rectification of safety production, special treatment of contractors, safety training for all employees, etc. in an in-depth manner; second, pay close attention to the implementation of work safety responsibility system, execute the primary responsibility, and conduct the evaluation of work safety responsibility system performance, so as to pass the responsibility of work safety to every level and position; third, sort out all the safety risks and hidden dangers existing in the company and various units comprehensively, establish management and control mechanism, and implement safety supervision and management at different levels; fourth, strengthen the construction of work safety supervision system, set up a specialized supervision team, intensify the inspection and enforcement at the operation site, and ensure stable progress of work safety; fifth, continue to maintain the efforts of strict rewards and punishments, so as to play a deterrent effect on behaviors of violations and to stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of all the staff to enhance work safety.

wei juliang put forward a few requirements as follows: first, promote safety management improvement project comprehensively, in order to guide various aspects of production safety work; second, the company headquarters and various units should resolutely battle against violations of rules and regulations, and push the implementation of work safety systems and standards in place; third, continue to carry out "four nos and two straights" inspection, go deep into the front line of the production site to find out problems and loopholes, and attempt to rectify and eliminate them one by one; fourth, reinforce the construction of safety supervision team, actively introduce the external force, and continue to intensify work management and control efforts; fifth, stick to "grasping both ends while controlling the middle", learn from others' strong points and close the gap, and promote the overall improvement of safety production work.

sep deputy chief economist shi mingwei, and related leaders of human resources department, supplies and procurement department, production department, engineering management department, safety, quality and environmental protection department, corporate culture department and news center participate in the meeting.

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