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wei juliang inspects minghua electric power

on september 3, 2021, sep president and deputy party president wei juliang went to minghua electric power to conduct a special research.

having heard the relevant work report, wei juliang put forward a few requirements for the development of minghua electric power in the next stage as follows: first, continue to improve the work safety management, empower safety supervision and management with excellent technology based on achieving its own safety control, and assist the power plants in further enhancing intrinsic safety; second, realize synergy between upper and lower levels, give full play to advantages, make up for shortcomings, and formulate plans, establish strategies and promote the implementation based on the long-term development of the company; third, expand the technical chain and extend the service scope in accordance with the development strategy of sep, think outside the box, break through the walls, build up the core competitiveness of the enterprise focusing on the principle of "highlighting main business and standardizing management", and strive to become the pioneering enterprise in the new business forms of the energy sector.

the related leaders of sep development department and minghua electric power participated in the research.

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