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hu jiandong inspects minghua electric power

on september 1, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong went to minghua electric power to conduct a special research along with a delegation. after hearing the relevant work report, hu fully affirmed the company's contributions made to the value creation of sep.

regarding the key work of minghua electric power in the next stage, hu put forward a few requirements as follows: first, continue to strengthen the comprehensive technical advantages in the conventional power generation sector, focus on the indicators of safety and environmental protection, power grid and source coordination, energy saving and consumption reduction, etc. about which the customers are most concerned, take digitalization and intelligence as the starting point, carry out technical optimization and upgrading and smart empowerment, revitalize the traditional business and win new growth points; second, center around the new power system with new energy as the mainstay, china's goals of peaking carbon emissions before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060 as well as the subjects of the times for the energy industry, keep in step with sep's strategic development goals, give full play to the platform advantages of minghua electric power as the simulation technology center, thermal power industry innovation subcenter, integrated smart energy industry subcenter of spic, and continue to explore new ideas, cultivate new business forms and create new value; third, improve top-down and bottom-up synergy, overcome various difficulties, accelerate the pace of corporate reform, and strive to become the pacesetter of science and technology innovation in building a clean, low-carbon, safe, efficient energy system.

the related leaders of sep development department, science, technology and innovation department, production department, new business form promotion office and minghua electric power participated in the research.

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