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sep, songjiang district forge strategic cooperation

on august 27, 2021, sep and songjiang district people's government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly create a national model of energy innovation and development.

cheng xiangmin, secretary of songjiang district party committee, and li qian, deputy secretary of songjiang district party committee and district mayor, welcomed the visit of sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong, deputy party secretary and president wei juliang and their delegation. witnessed by li qian and hu jiandong, deputy district mayor wang weihua and wei juliang signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties. sun wei, secondary inspector of songjiang district, and sep party committee member and deputy president li feng, were also present at the ceremony.

li qian said that both sides should thoroughly study and implement the important instructions of general secretary xi jinping on carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality, coordinate with the implementation of the national strategy of carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality, and cooperate pragmatically in overall energy solutions, implementation paths, etc. to achieve joint contribution, shared benefits and win-win outcome. the two sides should focus on the construction of songjiang new city, based on the principle of "what sep can do, what songjiang needs", and promote the execution of specific projects according to the order of priority and classification. he hoped that both sides will take this signing as an opportunity to deepen the cooperation mechanism and innovate the investment and financing model, strive to build a national model of energy innovation and development, and assist in the high-quality development of songjiang district.

hu jiandong said that sep will center around the principle of harmonious coexistence between clean energy and the environment, continue to promote energy transformation and upgrading, lose no time in establishing a connection mechanism, effectively advance the implementation of the agreement, and facilitate songjiang's high-quality development. sep will definitely carry out the new concept and new technology of electricity and energy into the planning and construction of songjiang new city, speed up the implementation of specific projects, create a low-carbon energy, smart energy, ecological energy model in songjiang district, and make new contributions to the construction of modernized new songjiang characterized with "science and technology innovation, humanities and ecology".

according to the agreement, the two sides will conduct extensive and in-depth cooperation focusing on the six aspects such as building a green low-carbon demonstration area, constructing an energy management system for the g60 science and innovation corridor in the yangtze river delta region, ecological development of songjiang new city and energy investment and financing mechanism for the 14th five-year plan, jointly create a clean and intelligent energy ecosystem, and promote the synergistic high-quality development of economy, society and energy industry of songjiang district.

the related leaders of the following units participated in the event: songjiang district government office, district development and reform commission, district economic commission and district construction management commission, as well as sep general office, development department and songjiang branch.

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