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hu jiandong, wei juliang meet smart energy college president huang zhen, party secretary cheng boru

on august 23, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong and deputy party secretary and president wei juliang met with huang zhen, an academician at the chinese academy of engineering and president of spic smart energy college of shanghai jiao tong university (smart energy college), and cheng bo ru, party secretary of smart energy college, and their delegation at the company's headquarters. also present at the meeting were sep party committee member and deputy president zhai deshuang, party committee member and discipline inspection committee secretary li e, smart energy college deputy party secretary zhu xiaohong, vice presidents tai nengling, gu jun, liu xiaojing and sheng peizhong, and deputy party secretary chen jiu.

hu jiandong welcomed the visit of huang zhen, cheng boru and their delegation, and introduced the energy development planning of sep in line with china's target of reaching carbon dioxide emissions peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, as well as the development of integrated smart energy, new energy industry and energy sector in shanghai region. he hoped the two sides to strengthen cooperation in the research and talent training of science and technology innovation of integrated smart energy, research on carbon emission and carbon trading mechanism of new energy and power system, and development of new business forms such as green hydrogen and energy storage, and jointly promote the implementation of the abovementioned target.

huang zhen and cheng boru expressed thanks to the warm reception of the company, and introduced the background, general situation, functions and positioning and construction goals of smart energy college respectively. huang zhen hoped that the two sides could enhance cooperation in the construction of integrated smart energy demonstration projects, new power micro-grid systems and national energy bases, as well as scientific research results innovation and talent training of integrated smart energy, academic degree upgrading education for cadres and staff, etc., push forward college-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration, and achieve mutual promotion and common development.

before the meeting, huang zhen, cheng boru and their delegation visited the exhibition hall of sep, and learned about the historical evolution and transformation and development of the company.

the related leaders of sep general office, human resources department, science, technology and innovation department and corporate culture department and smart energy college participated in the meeting.

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