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hu jiandong inspects renewable energy management center

on august 18, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong led a team to renewable energy management center to carry out a work research.

hu heard a work report on work safety, operation and development, party building, etc. delivered by renewable energy management center, affirmed the achievements made by the center, and put forward a few requirements for the next stage of work as follows: first, attach great importance to the development of new energy, vigorously promote cross-regional development, conduct benchmarking on a monthly basis, and carry out whole process management and control from the aspects of planning, design, construction, production, investment benefit, etc.; second, accelerate development in the new situation, make every effort to play the incremental deck of cards well, give full play to the role of provincial companies, constantly explore new ideas and new approaches, establish new mechanisms, optimize and adjust the management and control model, clarify the responsibilities of all parties, attempt to specify all issues, and continue to improve the management level; third, increase rewards and punishments, and promote further implementation of major responsibilities for work safety, quality and efficiency improvement, management improvement and other respects of work; fourth, deal with the problems left over by history while preventing the occurrence of new problems and new risks strictly; fifth, recognize the changes of internal and external situation comprehensively and clearly, optimize and adjust the staff organization and resource allocation in a timely manner, so that the management relationship could better adapt to the new development situation; sixth, deeply practice "highlighting performance orientation, and strengthening value concept and risk concept", push the embedding of the concept in various fields and links and thus become part of the corporate culture, and provide a strong driving force for high-quality development.

the related leaders of sep development department, human resources department, production department and audit and internal control department as well as the relevant leaders and personnel from renewable energy management center participated in the research.

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