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wei juliang inspects caojing power plant for work safety site diagnosis

on august 17, 2021, sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang, party committee members and deputy presidents zhai deshuang and li feng and their delegation went to caojing power plant to carry out an on-site diagnosis of work safety.

at the meeting, wei juliang and his delegation adopted the method of structured discussion, "took the pulse" and analyzed one by one, dug into the root of the problem, and put forward targeted rectification advice on the non-planned outages that occurred since this year, requiring the power plant to "manage boldly, shoulder the responsibility bravely and distinguish honor and shame", resolutely curb non-planned outages and ensure intrinsic safety.

wei juliang raised a few requirements as follows: first, effectively assume the major safety responsibility from a political standpoint, and promptly eliminate the phenomenon of being out of form; second, strictly implement the request of "full coverage, zero tolerance and severe punishment", and completely reverse the passive situation; third, strengthen the safety technical training for the whole staff, enhance the safety awareness and sense of responsibility of all the staff, improve the skills of the staff, and consolidate the technical foundation of safety; fourth, reinforce anti-violation punishment, intensify accurate assessment, and thoroughly suppress violations of rules and regulations; fifth, optimize the division of work of the leadership team members, and the leaders in charge of safety production should focus on work safety management; sixth, continue to strengthen the qhse management construction of shift teams, go deep into the grassroots to hold talks with them, learn about the thoughts of the staff and their difficulties in work and life and solve their  worries timely, so as to uplift their spirit and increase cohesion of the enterprise; seventh, immediately carry out work safety management enhancement during special hours, and leading cadres should take the lead to be on duty and upgrade the safety supervision and inspection to ensure the safe and stable operation of the units; eighth, further reinforce the construction of double prevention mechanism, enhance the operation of risk prevention and control system, and pay close attention to the intrinsic safety; ninth, conduct the "three questions" safety activity in an in-depth manner, and improve the awareness and consciousness of all the cadres and employees to respect safety.

gao jianlin, chief safety officer and director of safety, quality and environmental protection department of the company, and relevant leaders of production department, news center, caojing power plant and sep energy technology participated in the activity.

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