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wei juliang conducts 'four nos, two straights' inspection on caojing power plant

on august 4, 2021, sep president and party secretary wei juliang led a team to conduct a "four nos and two straights" inspection on caojing power plant. "four nos and two straights" refers to no notice, no call, no debriefing, no escort or reception, and going straight to the grassroots and straight to the site.

wei juliang and his delegation went straight to the production sites, including fuel dock, t3 transfer station, circular coal yard, sludge disposal complex, coal pulverizer building, no. 8 coal belt conveyor trestle and coal bunker level, and focused on checking the coal handling system equipment safety, fire safety and personal protection facilities. following the on-site inspection, wei held a symposium with the leadership team and main leaders of the production department of caojing power plant.

wei pointed out that caojing power plant should put down the "stature" of a 1000 mw class power plant, establish the return-to-zero thinking, take a new step, further promote high-quality development, and build a first-class benchmark power plant in china. regarding the daily work, the power plant should be meticulous and conduct strict management, and dare to struggle with the inertial thinking and lack of vigilance. regarding safety and efficiency, it should strive for constant improvement, and solve new problems with a realistic attitude and innovative thinking.

wei also put forward a few requirements as follows: first, take a correct attitude, pay special attention to work safety and epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that no accident occurs; second, treat work safety management with high standards and strict requirements, further clarify the primary responsibility for work safety, never turn a blind eye to the existing problems, and completely eradicate the relevant problems with the coal handling system; third, conduct special studies on the sea breeze corrosion problem, as well as the occupational health and environmental risk problem in the process of sludge disposal, and work out the corresponding solutions; fourth, go out to learn from the brother units, tap the potential of improving quality and efficiency deeply, and make more contributions to the company; fifth, intensify project development, expand new businesses and develop new markets in the premise of ensuring work safety.

the related leaders of sep general office, production department, safety, quality and environmental protection department and caojing power plant participated in the inspection.

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