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spic external directors inspect sep

from june 2-4, 2021, spic external directors zhu hongjie, liu deheng and nie xiaofu conducted a research on sep. gao guangfu, chief economist of spic, and zhang jinfeng, deputy director general of corporate governance department (board of directors office), accompanied them on the trip.

sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong presented a report on the development of spic in shanghai region as well as the general situation, 14th five-year plan, offshore wind power and integrated smart energy development of sep.

the directors spoke highly of the achievements made by sep in production and operation, reform and management improvement, offshore wind power and integrated smart energy development, etc., and put forward a few requirements as follows:

first, continue to give play to the advantages and role of the listed company platform well, and provide support for the transformation and development; second, strengthen the governance of loss-making enterprises and further improve the asset quality and operating performance; third, accelerate the development of renewable energy and integrated smart energy, while taking multiple measures to enhance the control of asset-liability ratio; fourth, continue to promote international development and strive to build a world-class enterprise; fifth, further consolidate the management of the provincial companies with assets injection, so as to better achieve coordinated development; sixth, optimize the 14th five-year plan, and endeavor to promote high-quality development with firm confidence.

during the research, the directors went to caojing power plant, caojing cogeneration, new bund project, yangshupu power plant and the other affiliated companies of sep for field visits.

the leaders of sep, and the persons in charge of related departments and affiliated companies participated in the event.

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