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hu jiandong conducts 'four nos, two straights' inspection on xiaogan pv power plant in hubei

on may 26, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong led a team to carry out a "four nos and two straights" inspection on xiaogan pv power plant in hubei province, affiliated to renewable energy management center, and gave feedback about the inspection situation on the spot.

at the subsequent meeting with the staff, hu heard a report on safety production and operation delivered by the person in charge of xiaogan pv power plant, learned in detail about the work and life of the front-line staff at the power plant, and expressed his care and greetings to everyone, while emphasizing the need to improve the awareness, to always put work safety as the first priority, to strictly implement the work safety responsibility system, and to prevent various types of accidents.

for the next stage of work, hu raised a few requirements as follows: first, fully recognize the complexity and severity of the current safety production work, implement the entity responsibilities for safety management, address various safety hazards timely and effectively, and carry out all the preventive measures in a practical and detailed manner, so as to put an end to accidents; second, pay attention to improving quality and efficiency, execute the duties of various positions properly, deepen the benchmarking management, do a good job of weeding and cleaning of pv modules, etc., and enhance the efficiency of power generation; third, actively explore the feasibility of the model of "unattended operation, fewer people on duty, centralized control in the city, and regional maintenance and inspection", make full use of information technology, and improve the efficiency of on-site work; fourth, deeply tap the new potential of green economy such as agriculture-pv hybrid power projects, and lose no time to carry out agricultural planting and breeding work, in order to achieve the multi-win results of environmental, economic and social benefits.

the leaders of sep planning and finance department, production department and renewable energy management center accompanied hu on the inspection trip.

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