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hu jiandong inspects minghua electric power

on may 13, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong went to minghua electric power to carry out a research together with a delegation.

after hearing a work report on the development history, team building, production and operation by minghua electric power, hu put forward a few requirements as follows: first, minghua electric power should be based on the development of the whole industry, be technology-oriented, pinpoint the breakthrough in transformation and upgrading, prioritize the layout to expand the market, and strive for excellence in quality management; second, strengthen the talent team construction, effectively play the role of incentive mechanism, vigorously cultivate professional talents while fully exploring and stimulating the potential learning ability of employees, and guiding them to master the scientific thinking and working methods; third, deeply understand and practice "one highlights and two strengthens", focus on business development, carefully analyze and grasp the emphases of different business types, and make every effort to play the "three decks of cards" well; fourth, leverage the advantage of employee stock ownership mechanism, actively lead the team to create value, and achieve a multi-win outcome for shareholders, enterprise and individual development.

during the research, hu and his delegation conducted one-on-one interviews with the cadres of minghua electric power, along with democratic assessment of the leadership team and democratic recommendation for the outstanding cadres.

the related leaders of sep human resources department, corporate culture department and minghua electric power participated in the research.

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