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hu jiandong inspects shuntao group

on may 12, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong and his delegation went to shuntao group to conduct a research.

hu heard a report on work safety, kpi work progress, staff and cadre team construction, internal management, party building work, existing difficulties, etc. by shuntao group, learned about the development of the company's various businesses, and affirmed the positive role played by shuntao group as a supporting platform for the reform and development of sep and a service platform for caring the employees over the years.

hu put forward a few requirements as follows: first, deal with the changes of external environment with a down-to-earth attitude, eliminate the influence of habitual thinking, recognize and think about the problems from the source, free our minds, seek truth from facts, and find out the correct measures and methods to solve the problems; second, enhance work safety, make good use of the "double prevention" work mechanism, improve intrinsic safety, and constantly raise the level of safety management; third, improve team building, stimulate the vitality for work, stabilize the workforce, and enhance the combat effectiveness of the enterprise; fourth, boost the enterprise development, integrate the resources based on the current business, coordinate the development, focus on "one highlights and two strengthens" closely, make a correct assessment of the situation, push forward innovative development, and encourage the employees to become value creators.

during the research, hu and his delegation conducted one-on-one interviews with the cadres of shuntao group and made democratic evaluation of the leadership team and democratic recommendation for the outstanding cadres.

the relevant leaders of sep human resources department, corporate culture department and shuntao group joined in the event.

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