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sep studies, deploys epidemic control for next stage

on may 6, 2021, sep held the 14th meeting of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production leading group. hu jiandong, the company's party secretary, chairman and leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group, presided over the meeting. wei juliang, the company's deputy party secretary, president and deputy leader of the leading group, and the company leadership and leading group members huang chen, xia meixing, zhai deshuang, chen wenhao, li e and li feng, attended the meeting.

the meeting participants heard the report on the epidemic prevention and control in the previous stage by various task forces, and studied and deployed the related work in the next stage.

hu jiandong pointed out that since 2021, all the staff of the company have united as one, resolutely implemented the normalized measures of epidemic prevention and control, and achieved both epidemic control and enterprise development, laying a solid foundation for the company to maintain a good momentum of business development in the first quarter. nevertheless, considering that the covid-19 pandemic continues posing serious threats to global public health and overall development, the company must fully understand the difficulty, complexity and severity of the epidemic prevention and control work, and go all out to win the protracted war against the deadly virus.

for the next-step work, hu put forward a few requirements as follows: first, complete the epidemic prevention and control relentlessly, and instruct the employees to improve personal protection; second, effectively refine and enhance overseas prevention and control measures, and all the overseas subsidiaries should always adhere to implementing various prevention and control measures and requirements comprehensively, strengthen emergency response capacity building, and ensure the enforcement of refined measures; third, build an overseas immunity barrier, reinforce communication and reporting with overseas embassies and consulates, and include chinese employees abroad in the vaccination system of the host country, with the newly dispatched employees vaccinated as many as possible, and those who have already been vaccinated should strengthen daily protection as required; fourth, continue to improve caring for the overseas staff and their family members, and keep making regular home visits or calls to them; fifth, accelerate the progress of receiving domestic vaccination, and mobilize and urge vast numbers of employees to take shots of vaccine as soon as possible, so as to increase the vaccination rate effectively and form an immune barrier soon.

the company's general counsel wu ming and the relevant leaders of various departments participated in the meeting.

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