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sep holds 2020 annual earnings conference

on the afternoon of april 2, 2021, sep held the annual earnings conference of 2020 via a combination of on-site meeting and online interaction. the company's chairman hu jiandong, deputy president and board secretary xia meixing and cfo chen wenhao attended the meeting. institutional investors, such as china securities, haitong securities, dongxing securities, new times securities, beevest fund and topsperity fund, and vast numbers of medium and small investors joined in the meeting on site or online. the meeting was presided over by xia meixing.

the meeting introduced the company's 2020 annual operating performance to the investors, and conducted comprehensive exchanges and detailed explanations on their major concerns such as clean development effectiveness, technological innovation achievements and future development layout.

looking forward to 2021, hu said that the company will go all out to implement the goal of "peaking carbon emissions", adhere to ecological priority and green development, insist on starting from reality and seeking truth from facts, stick to highlighting performance orientation and strengthening value concept and risk concept, persist in reform, innovation and management improvement, take safety as the basis and efficiency as the center, ensure the completion of various annual goals and tasks, and constantly enhance its core competitiveness and value creativity, in order to reward the shareholders and the society with excellent results.

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