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wei juliang attends first training course of sep party school since opening

"new running track" became a popular phrase at the seminar for the major leaders of spic, which has attracted much attention. to win on the "new running track", the company needs to accelerate the transformation to green and innovative development, and more importantly, it needs to cultivate a large number of "runners".

sep party school, which was inaugurated recently, opened its first training course, the training course on renewable energy station management and o&m technology. sep president and deputy party secretary wei juliang attended the course and delivered a speech, inspiring the students to "set out again" bravely, strive to become "runners" and head for the "new running track".

wei stressed that all the students should fully understand the importance of this training, study hard, further lay a good theoretical and practical foundation, continuously improve the ability of work safety, operation management, handling complicated issues, etc., especially enhance the ability of project development, effectively strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency for point-to-area and whole staff development, proceed with firm confidence, take the initiative to start again with sharpened skills, strive to become high-quality professional renewable energy management talents, and make due contribution to the company's construction of a world-class clean energy enterprise.

sep party school followed the requirements of the company's party committee, completed planning, research and preparations in course design, faculty allocation, etc. in advance, closely combined with the company's new strategy, and strictly controlled the quality of training. this training program lasts until september and will be carried out in four modules: safety, skills, operation and management. in addition to attending theoretical lessons, 78 trainees from wujing power plant, energy technology and waigaoqiao power plant will go to fengxian district, shanghai and suzhou, anhui province for a one-month internship at wind power plant and pv power plant respectively. finally. a comprehensive assessment combining written test, oral defense, practical operation test and personnel evaluation will be taken, and the trainees will be selected for job transfer according to the marks they get.

the relevant persons in charge of sep human resources department, sep party school, wujing power plant and energy technology participated in the class opening ceremony.

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