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chen xi attends spic 2021 imported coal seminar in shanghai

on march 17, 2021, spic held a seminar on the work of imported coal in 2021 and a monthly plan balancing meeting of march in shanghai. spic party leadership group member and chief financial officer chen xi, director of spic fuel management center wu wei, and deputy director general of spic planning and finance department fan haofeng attended the meeting. sep deputy president guo baohong gave a speech on behalf of spic imported coal centralized purchasing center.

chen xi fully affirmed the work done and progress made by spic fuel management center and imported coal centralized purchasing center over the year. in view of the complicated situation of imported coal at present, he asked the group company to strengthen the management of imported coal in six aspects, including optimizing the management mechanism and system, integrating into the globalized market, insisting on the scale and intensification, combining with the whole coal and power industry chain, enhancing the refinement concept and reinforcing the compliance and risk control, so as to improve the value creation capacity. with the leadership and organization of the fuel management center and the mutual cooperation of various subsidiaries of spic, the work of imported coal is certain to produce new patterns and create new value.

wu wei analyzed the reasons for and characteristics of sharp fluctuations in the current coal market prices, and proposed that the fuel work should shift rapidly from securing winter supply to cost reduction and price control, and required all the companies to adapt to the market situation, strengthen inventory management and promote the construction of coal storage and distribution bases. meanwhile, he put forward higher requirements for enhancing the capability of ensuring supply and controlling prices for imported coal and improving the services of imported coal centralized purchasing center.

guo baohong cited the related data of sep's imported coal development in the past years to expound that the current difficulties encountered in the work of imported coal are only temporary. he said that imported coal centralized purchasing center should provide good services in data analysis model, procurement strategy decision, risk management strengthening and regional coordination enhancement, etc. sep, as the place where spic imported coal centralized purchasing center is located, will work together with associate units to complete the target task of 10 million tons of imported coal this year.

the leaders and relevant persons in charge of fuel work from china power, spic jiangxi company, spic jiangsu company, spic northeast company and jilin electric power participated in the meeting and presented specific measures and action plans for completing the goals of coal import.

the leaders and relevant personnel of sep fuel management department and sep fuel company joined in the meeting.

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