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hu jiandong inspects sep fuel

on february 9, 2021, sep party secretary and chairman hu jiandong went to sep fuel to conduct a research together with a delegation.

after hearing the report on the general situation, work completion in 2020, problems faced and direction of efforts by sep fuel, hu jiandong put forward a few requirements as follows: first, actively adapt to the new development requirements for the new era, accelerate the move towards "value creation" and promote the high-quality transformation and development of the enterprise; second, review the situation with return-to-zero thinking, make collective efforts to achieve self-breakthrough and seek the new increments; third, give full play to the advantages of centralized procurement of imported coal, take the reserve coal base as the entry point to expand the business scope and seize the new opportunities for transformation and development.

after the meeting, hu and his delegation conducted one-on-one interviews with all the leading cadres of sep fuel, and carried out a democratic assessment of the leadership team.

the related leaders of sep human resources department, corporate culture department and sep fuel participated in the research.

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