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sep holds epidemic prevention leading group meeting

on january 22, 2021, sep held the 13th leading group meeting on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. the meeting was chaired by hu jiandong, party secretary, chairman and leader of epidemic prevention and control leading group. also present at the meeting were president, deputy party secretary and deputy leader of the leading group wei juliang and the company leadership and leading group members guo baohong, huang chen, xia meixing and chen wenhao.

the meeting participants listened to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control of various special task forces, studied the spirit of the relevant documents of shanghai municipal commission of economy and informatization and shanghai municipal human resources and social security bureau, and studied and deployed the related epidemic prevent and control work in the near future and during the spring festival holiday. hu jiandong pointed out the covid-19 pandemic is still rampant around the world at present, with new locally transmitted covid-19 cases reported in many places in china, including shanghai, indicating that the epidemic prevention and control work is still serious and complicated.

regarding the next-step work, hu jiandong put forward a few requirements as follows: first, never slack off in improving the epidemic prevention and control, effectively implement various measures, always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely overcome the mentality of relaxation, fluke mind and lack of vigilance, and all levels of epidemic prevention and control work groups should do a good job of task assignment and inspection and supervision to ensure proper implementation of various measures; second, seriously implement the new requirements for the epidemic prevention and control, strictly carry out the relevant government epidemic prevention and control requirements, with various subordinated companies to strengthen epidemic prevention and control according to local conditions and urge employees to enhance personal protection, and reinforce the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures for logistics service personnel and outsourced personnel in a targeted manner; third, effectively improve the epidemic prevention and control work during the upcoming spring festival, actively respond to the advocacy of "stay in shanghai unless necessary" and "avoid travel abroad unless necessary", encourage celebrating the spring festival locally and minimizing the movement of people, and enhance caring and material support for those cadres and workers who will not be able to reunite with their families during the spring festival, and for those who really need to leave the places where they work, they shall, in principle, take less public transport, and those units shall adopt point-to-point travel methods if they afford to; fourth, make persistent efforts to prevent and control the epidemic overseas, carry out the turnover of personnel in an orderly manner, strictly implement the requirements of the special work plan for overseas staff stability during spring festival, strengthen the emergency response capacity building, ensure the physical and mental health of overseas personnel, and for those employees from overseas organizations who really need to rotate, make plans in advance with thorough arrangements to reduce the risk of infection on their way back home; fifth, improve the emergency command system, ensure that all emergency disposal preparations are in place, and all the units should implement their main responsibilities, with the main leaders to deploy the related work and pay special attention to the epidemic prevention and control work with their own units in person, so as to achieve unified command, high responsiveness and efficient operation.

sep general counsel wu ming and leaders of various departments participated in the meeting.

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